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Zoom  Meeting Communications is the popular means of communication today, It provides video telephony and online chat services, telecommunicating, distance education, social relations and religious meetings.

Zoom Meetings for desktop and mobile provides the tools to make every meeting a great one.it is also interesting to know that you can focus on your meetings while you click record to leave the note taking to Zoom’s auto-generated, searchable transcripts Share and play videos with full audio and video transmit without uploading the content.


If you’re just joining a Zoom meeting, you don’t need to have Zoom installed on your computer, all you need to do is join the Zoom with your Zoom ID, if you are having difficulties, Zoom is always there to assist you. Wonderful you may say. However, if you’re the host, you’ll need to download and install the software package on your system. Do you also know that you can change your  background during Zoom meeting, there more than 10 different kinds of backgrounds you might like to use, for example see the list below:

1. Beach background                                          

2. Outer Space Background

3. Green Grass Background

4. Blue Sky Background

5. Tiger King Zoom background

6. Schitt’s Creek zoom background

7. Fox Animation Zoom Background

8. Nickelodeon Zoom Background

9. United Zoom background

10. Funny Zoom Background etc.


  • Download the Zoom app on your iPhone or iPad
  • Open the app, sign in and join a meeting.
  • Tap the three dots at the bottom right to open the More menu.
  • Tap Virtual Background.
  • Select one of Zoom’s defaults or upload your own.

With Zoom, you can Mute your audio and turn off your camera, When you are called on to speak on zoom, you can do so with or without the use of microphone, when someone gives comment on zoom you can react with emojis on the screen to applaud the speaker. If you’re muted in a meeting, you can still let the hosts know that you are around.


  1. More Engagement. Gone are the days of simply looking at PowerPoint slides – or the days of Instant Teleseminar.
  2. Like a Live Event, not only does zoom bring video for the presenter, it also adds video for the attendees.
  3. Free for small group, users even better than engagement and live event.
  4. Full Video Replay, zoom also records all the videos from multiple presenters and attendees that are part of the programme.
  5. Help in building more confidence in the speaker.


The simplest way to prevent unwanted attendees and hijacking your zoom meeting is to set a password for your meeting, when creating a new event, you should choose to only allow signed-in users to participate in the meeting, then turn off participant screen share. Be careful not to share the file features of the meetings, especially with the users that you don’t recognize. Instead, share material using a trusted service such as Box or Google Drive. At the time of writing, Zoom has disabled this feature anyway due to a potential security vulnerability. So go ahead use ZOOM MEETING follow the trend don’t be scared.



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  1. Thank you for your valuable post on Zoom. In this day and age, it has been increasingly more popular to use as a way to communicate with a group. I have used it at various times. I thought I would be nice to change to a different background, but could not find the proper way to do it. Thanks for the explanation. I know some have been concerned with the safety of using Zoom because of its potential hackers. It seems like Zoom is trying to take care of that problem.

  2. This is a good post and we do use this all the time we have the zoom for the doctors and they see us once a month sometimes it freezes. But other then that it is a really good thing to use for your family as well if you are far or you see them.
    They have done well with this the fact that they have so many of these apps it’s not even funny the only way to make the difference of how you write it and this is good content.
    The zoom now is really used and can be utilized in so many different ways hope the best wishes and endeavors to your success.


  3. Hello there, thanks for sharing this wonderful content out here with us. I must confess, i really did enjoyed going through this review about zoom and how it works. I think it is a very good way to communicate especially during this covid 19 pandemic, now people are able to see how useful this app is.

  4. Zoom a 2020 Phenomenon! It’s well known to many in our “ social distancing” new world. Our older generation is also being exposed to Zooming. The funniest zoom I attended was on Mother’s Day. My mother’s male friend was on zoom with us but not understanding the concept. He kept yelling my Mothers name repeatedly as if they were alone on the telephone with one another. Hysterical, we were all laughing! Thanks for reviewing Zoom, your web was clear and well written.

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