Wearing Right Colour

I love Fashion and I’m sure most of us do as well, but what make’s one fashion different from each other? We all know that Fashion makes everyone to stands out.

What Makes Fashion Different?

Have you ever seen yourself in the situation of not knowing what to wear? Remember not because you don’t have clothing to put on but because at that time you are just confused on which out fit to put on.

So many times, I see on social Media, people trying to get assistance on the right cloth to put on.

What actually makes Fashion Different? First, you need to know and understand the occasion you are attending, remember, what you wear for service on Sunday is not always as what you can wear to picnic. So choose what fit your occasion.

Choosing the right color for your outfit is just important as deciding the best shape for your style, have you hard the word, Color Riot before? or some people say color blog maybe yes or no, but what does that mean?

That is the situation where you are combining too many colors together, some times those colors might not compliment each other.

Here is a color list, that might help you choose the right one for your outfit. I will also show you right color for cool and warm weather.

Cool Color

  • Violet Red Red
  • Voilet
  • Blue Violet
  • Blue
  • Green Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow Green or lemon Green

Warm Colors

  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Orange Yellow
  • Orange
  • Red Orange.
  • Red

And the list goes on and on.

Use The Right Colors

Do you know in Fashion there is what they call:





Monochromatic: Is when you use same cool colors together, it can be mix, that is light and dark shades together. You can also introduce black or white into the mix.

Harmonious: Is when you pick two or three neighbors colors together, it can be red, orange and yellow. This colors will mix properly and give you that summer warm look is always beautiful.

Complementary: When you have large bold flowered fabric, you can use a contrasting or opposite colors to complement each other. For example, you can use Bold flowered Blue with Orange.

Neutral: As the name sounds neutral, that includes; black and gray, these colors can go with anything, black especially works very with evening dress with a pencil heel shoes.

When you choose or use the right colors for your outfit, you will be walking with confidence, your steps will change. Most people decide to rather arrive late at occasions, simple because they want others to notice their outfit, nice right.

Some one like me, who love Fashion so much, I always go to most occasions like weeding party, conventions and other large gathering with drawing pad. Some times I don’t copy exert style but I can create my style from any style that attracts me.

When it comes to fashion, we are talking about both men and women. Most men feel when it comes to Fashion, more emphasis should be lay on female. It is not true, both men and women should make their out fit, fit’s the occasion.

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5 Replies to “Wearing Right Colour”

  1. This article was interest and informative. I appreciate the explained differences between cool and warm colours. I honestly didn’t know the difference. Highlighting the different types of fashion and illustrating which colours are involved in each was an eye-opener. I learned something.

    I personally would draw more to the monochromatic fashion. I prefer the cool colours and love to mix the light and dark shades of the colours

    1. Thanks Toni for stopping by, I appreciate your comment. you can drop your email so that once I drop my fashion ideas, you will be notify

  2. hello awesome article you have here this really dragged my attention i just could not ignore it this has really educated me a lot i dont really know much about fashion but i have an idea about it and i am sure going to try them out after now i expect to more from you so i can learn more thanks for sharing this with me.

    1. Thanks so much joy, I’m glad I was able to help, fashion is my passion, I like talking about it all the , in my previous post, you can check them i also talk about best fashion for summer, short hair for ladies  and many more about. I will  continue to talk about different kind of fashion, so check out my site at least 2 times a week, thanks so much for stopping by.

      Tell be your website so that I can comment as well.

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