Buying water bottles is not a difficult task, but knowing the right one to buy can be difficult and stressful task. Your first concern should be.

The Concern

1. The age and the sex of your child: Water bottles are not of the same size, so age and sex of the child must be considered when choosing the type of water bottle to be bought.

2. Weight and size of the bottle: For some kids, bag pack is already heavy due to the books and other items in the bag, so wouldn’t want to buy adult water bottle for your little one since it will add to the load.

4. The pattern and the color of the bottle: As a loving mum or dad, you will not want to buy odd color water bottle when you have a beautiful daughter, you will definitely buy colors like; PINK, PURPLE, RED, ORANGE, YELLOW etc. Most of this water bottles are very colorful which helps the kids to always admire and protect them.

Types Of Water Bottles

Just to let you know that boys also have colorful and wonderful water bottles, like;

Paw Patrol Bottle

Camelbak’s Bottle

Angry Bird Bottle

Thermos Foggo Straw Bottle and many more.

Other Factors To Be Considered



The good thing about this product is that they are designed with kids in mind. hence they are:

  • Strong and durable plastic- As parent we all want to avoid buying several water bottles before end of each section, so it important to consider durability while shopping for water bottles.
  • Leak proof – Since kids are mostly carefree, we endeavor to put into consideration the fragility of the product.
  • Easy to clean – As parents we are all aware that kids are very playful hence it is not surprising to see kids coming home at the end of each day with a dirty water bottle and I bet no parent want their children to drink from a dirty water bottle hence we endeavor to wash the bottles every day, so it is important to consider how easy they can be washed.
  • Caution

Most bottles being manufactured these days are made from a hazardous chemical BPA (Bisphenon A). BPA is likely to disrupt the natural hormonal system of human beings. To avoid this, it is highly advisable or recommended to use products made from BPA-free such as tritan ( It is a material much lighter than glass, making it easier to handle without the fear of breaking) or stainless steel.




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