Tik Tok is a great platform where people have fun and make videos of themselves singing, lip-synching, dancing, or performing some kind of stunt. It is also important to know that children, teens, and even adults can interact with each other through messaging and sharing videos on tik tok, which makes the app have a lot of safety concerns. Of course Tik Tok want to be sure that the app is safe for every one , so they required that users must be at least 13 years old in order to use the app and that anyone under 18 must have the approval of a parent or guardians. But we have to remember that even though the minimum recommended age is 13 years, kids at that age are hardly in a position to discern between good and bad behavior.


1. Tik Tok allows its users to post their talent for others to enjoy.

2. TikTok is one of the social platforms that have managed to connect to all ages.

3. Tik Tok has brought so many cultures and people together promoting their differences in fun ways and letting other people appreciate their tastes and content.

4. Tik Tok increases advertising opportunities


After being criticized, Tik Tok has tried to make some adjustment, here is the updates in 2019 so that kids and teens remain safe while using Tik Tok:

  • Tik Tok has upgrade its privacy measures so that users can set their videos as “Private” so that only their followers can watch their videos and comment on them.
  • Now users can delete their Tik Tok account from the app whenever they want.
  • If users switch to Private Messaging option, then they will receive messages from their Tik Tok friends only, not from other users.
  • Now parents have more tools to analyze the activities of their kids on Tik Tok and if something goes wrong they will get a notification.

Despite all this effort from Tik Tok, the safety of its users is not still guaranteed, the negative impart of the app cannot be over emphasis. Here are some of them;


Due to the public nature of the platform, anyone in the world can access it. although you can block or report others for inappropriate messages, TikTok has no broader parental controls, so children may be receiving messages from people they don’t know. Even if you set your own account to private, you may still be exposed to sexual or violent content posted to the public feed. Here are some side effect of Tik Tok;

  1. Strangers can send private messages to people they don’t know especially to the children account.
  2. As with any social media platform, there is always suggestive content in Tik Tok
  3. TikTok is extremely popular, you may be thinking, I’ve never heard of this app before, it must be good for me
  4. Not safe for kids. Since kids are involved some abuser may take advantage of this vonorable one’s by sending some pornographic images to them.
  5. TikTok collects user data, You will be asked to provide your data or information during registration and no one can ascertain where those data will be used.
  6. Tik tok is the latest technology in the society and as such everyone want to be involved including those learning how to use internet, hence there is possibility of misuse or abuse.
  7. Time comsuming
  8. After watching Tik Tok videos most kids lose their interest in studies and other important activities
  9. Tik Tok do request for Inappropriate comment from the users via live streaming.
  10. Tik Tok encourages self-harm, this can lead to depression in both kids, teen and even adult.


To be honest, I would like to say that Tik Tok is not safe for kids and for those with little experience to the internet, if your kid is using it, then you can switch to Private account and monitor all his/her activities this might help reduce it danger.

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