Hi guys I’m very glad to write about this website, I used almost all my life to study about this site, it is called JW.ORG. Maybe you have visited it before, or you just had about it, and even if this is your first time of hearing it, PLEASE I urge you to visit it. Most site today are made just for adult,site like;

1. 100% Nude Adult chart site.

2. Porn site.

3. Tube Adult Movies.

4. Tube Galory.

5. Aloha Tube.

Just to mention few, and we also have kids site, such like;

1. Online Children Learning Games

2. Fun an Free Education Website

3. National Geography Kids

4. CBC kids

5. Scholastic Canada Kids

6. PBS Kids site.

7. ABC ya

And many more, this kids site can be boring for adult and also vise visa for kids if visiting adults site. But the good thing about JW.ORG site is that, it is beneficial to both adult and kids, once you log in to the site, the first thing you see if is this week, is Online Bible Lesson and this theme is changed weekly to other subject that benefit everyone, if you are familiar with bible, you will know that any lesson that comes from Bible is usually beneficial for all. Then the next thing you see is;


1. How to Succeed at Distance Learning

2. What Does the Bible Say About Anger?

3. What Does the Bible Say About Racism?


1. Music

2. Videos

3. News

4. Articles.

Anything you see under here are usually latest.

You are also given an opportunity to choose a topic that interest you, since the are variety of them, they are usually topics that has to do with our day to day life, it is also encouraging to know that these topics are available in many languages. If you click on the jw.org site language list on this page, you will see a list of over 300 languages—something that you are unlikely to find on any other website, you can fine topics like;

1. Peace and Happiness

2. Help For Teenagers

3. Activity for Children.

4. History and the Bible.

5. Marriage and Family.

6. Bible Question Answer.

7. Science and the Bible.

8. Frequently asked Questions

And many more. There is this particular video that interest me, is titled;

Body Image


Does God Answer All Prayers



As I mentioned earlier, I’m one among millions that have benefited from this site, it has help me with my marriage and my children have also benefited a lot from this wonderful website. So guys try it out and benefit maximally from this God sent website JW.ORG


One love


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