We all have different interest in life, lately I realize that most women are interested in making money online, I guess this is because it will give them enough time for their family. Just imagine a working wife with kids like me, you have to wake up in the morning, prepare lunch for every member of the family, rush to work to resume 7:30 in the morning and close by 4:30pm, and rush back home to prepare dinner. This is how it goes Monday through Friday. I bet you, this is the life of most working wives. So, as a result of this, most women choose online business as their interest.

Due to this pandemic most people try to deviate a little from their original interest, they start wondering about;

1. Their hair

2. Their health

3. Belly fat

4. Return to work

5. How will live go back to normal

and the list goes on and on.

My best friend called me recently and said “I want to join online business” I’m like what, from teacher to online business? She was determined, so she started it gradually, now, all her friends and family members are into online business.

Why is she succeeding?

Interest I guess?


Let me tell you guys a little about Interest in my family. We are family of four, with four different interest. My husband like soccer, he can even trade his food for soccer, funny right? I feel so too. I for my part like fashion, I can do anything for fashion, I have been in it for more than 15 years now. My first daughter like cartoon, hmmmmm, if care is not taking she can be there for the rest of the day, what about my little girl? Her interest is in pet. Maybe same in your family, in fact most twins have different interest, you see different people with different interest.

What come’s to your mine?

Let me guess, maybe you are thinking of what interest you? Awwwwww, go for it, it’s your right.


There is something that interest almost everyone now, what is that?

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