Face mask is one of the most essential thing in todays world, Before now it was a normal thing for us to go out, dress nice and wear beautiful and cool make over, but every thing is not same ever since this painful enemy comes in, called covid 19. This name is very popular all over the world, that even kids are familiar with it. I came across an advert on Facebook, were a little girl was washing her hands and her father ask her, “Why have you been washing your hands for so long?” She replies, daddy I don’t want to have corona virus or covid 19, that video caught attention of so many, that she became famous in most part of the world. I personally love the video because it was in my mother’s tongue.


Is there any positive thing that you can say covid 19 brought? Though covid 19 brought so many pains to us, I thing many people have also mentioned what they have achieved during this period.

1. One of the thing people mention is that, now the have enough money in the account, because due the pandemic they are indoors, that means fewer expenses.

2. This pandemic has help a lot of people to discover their talent.

We now have;

Home made face mask.

Wive barbers.

Most children are now helpful at home.

Home Pedicures

Home made snacks, just to mention few.

Ask yourself, what are my talent? Now is the right time to discover them, I so much belief we all have talent.

Talking about face mask, most fashion companies now switch to making of face mask and hospital coats. Even people with less experience learn how to make mask on YouTube.


Looking at our todays world, I will say face mask can save life, please let’s obey the law, let show some love to humanity, lets show love to our selves by wearing face mask.

Do you think it worth wearing a mask?

Can you share your talent that you discover during this period?

Thanks for reading to the end


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