Fashion With Pinterest

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is  an American social media platform designed to enable saving and discovery of information on the World Wide Web using images on a smaller scale, GIFs and videos, in the form of pinboards.

Pinterest is very popular and is growing fast, many people or organization now recognised Pinterest as a significant tool for facilitating business development. Pinterest is free, as such,  anyone can go there to share or discover any information like;

  •  Style Inspiration
  • Hair Styles
  • Food  Recipes
  • Home Ideas
  • DIY Craft Ideas and many Ideas.

Pinterest Create Job Opportunity

How does pinterest create job opportunity you may ask? If you are smart, you will definitely like pinterest. Weather you have ideas or not you can fine creativity videos  that you can use to generate income.



Job idea for Pinterest is for everyone,  whether you are young or old, there are different  fun and easy DIY crafts projects you can do online and turn it to money.

Check Pinterest for Ideas


If you are looking for ideas on how to set your Kitchen in an amazing and unique way, or you want idea on how to make your small balcony  looks like  backyard then check Pinterest.

What is your next plan, could it be how to plan your wedding,  to pick the best color for your occasion or are you looking for a perfect or inspirational lifestyle?  then explore articles on trending and recommended topics on Pinterest.



On Pinterest you can collaborate with friends for your next group trip or party, you can also see best ideas & images in the world that you like and snapshot.

As an Affiliate, Pinterest is good  for you, with Pinterest you can Pin images of your choice, and use it to generate income.  Before now Pinterest remove all  affiliate links, because spammers were abusing the use of Pinterest. But on May 12, 2016 Pinterest announced that affiliate links are once again allowed  since their spam detection system is so much stronger.

How To Use Affiliate Links On Pinterest

To get started, pin a post from your blog. For example, if you have a fashion blog, pin a picture of an outfit. Then make sure you edit the pin, changing the link to your affiliate link for the outfit.

Now you have a visually appealing pin of an outfit, and you have linked readers to where they can buy the outfit.

Remember Pinterest is a Visual network, that means you will want to be attractive, take  time to write a board description that clearly explains what the board is all about. This will help your board come up in searches on Pinterest, cool right?

Make sure to mix your blog post with other people’s content not just your Affiliate Links,remember no one likes spam, and  spamming is against Pinterest Don’ts,  So be mindful of how often you are pinning and how many boards you are pinning to.

How To  Use Pinterest?

First download the Pinterest app, then at the top right corner of the your Pinterest page, click the little gray person icon, it will take you to your Pinterest boards page. On your boards page, click the three dots symbol (…) to the left of your name, and then click the bottom choice, always remember to sign out once you are done with your Pinterest account. 

What are the Dos and Don’ts of Pinterest?

Even though Pinterest is open to the public, they have their standard rules,  this rules are the same as any other social networks. Pinterest is  sharing images to the public,  in which you might like, your work is to give credit to images that you like  and you can report any plagued with spam or inappropriate images.


You need Disclosure to let people know the link is an affiliate link. Make sure you disclose it in your pin description. It doesn’t need to be a long, drawn out description, just to indicate that it is an affiliate link.

My Conclusion

Check Pinterest for those suggestions, inspirational ideas, for your next plans, your  DIY, your craft works, Pinterest is there for you, explore it and use it wisely.

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