Fashion is something we all want to pay attention to because it is an important part of modern life,  but have you ever imagine playing a fashion game? What do I mean, We all know that fashion is about what we put on or use, it can be;

  • Dress
  • Shoes
  • Hair
  • Plause
  • Car
  • Electronics
  • Furniture and many more.

What is Fashion game?

Fashion game is when all the present and future fashionista gather together to explore a style in the fun way, have you play that game before? Maybe no.

Let show you how  you can actually find dress-up and makeover games of every flavour. This game covers different types of personal style of different countries and time periods, it also covers many special occasions and holidays. You’ll also find titles that will let you build your own fashion world.

This game is fun and is save for everyone, though for children under 10 years of age, their parent might want to play the game with them, not because it is bad, but just for safety purposes.

There are more than 150 ways to play, all for free. in fashion game, you can design your own dress to satisfy your taste.

This game can  help you improve your own personal style .  In some games, you have to immerse yourself in a whole fascinating story.

How To Start

  • Dress the character, starting with the hat, finishing with shoes.
  • Get stylish clothes from 6 famous fashion designers.
  • Choose jewelry for the hero, thereby increasing the rating of the boutique.
  • You have to hire employees to manage the boutique, all for free. Dress them with taste.
  • Play with your friends and invite them to look into your boutique.
  • Constant updates with the addition of new fashionable stuff.

Choose who to Dress

  1. Covert Fashion
  2. Kim Kardashian
  3. Girl Fashion
  4. Style Me Girl
  5. Supermodel Star
  6. Superstar Girl Fashion Award and many more.

More Tips

Do you know you can play Fashion Game online and offline, and also if you want people to examine your quality of fashion, you can join Fashion Games with level and judges.

Can You Try?

Now that you know there is a fashion game, are you ready to play? Is fun and educative, it help improve your fashion ideas, it is save for all, moreso it is free.

Try it out and keep yourself busy during and after the lockdown.




    1. Wow! I’m actually a stylist and I really fancy all you have shared all of these here. To be very honest, I fancy all you have shared here especially the fact that I can add up new things and try the unthinkable can serve as the right morale booster for anyone here. Wow! This is really great and thank you so much. I will get the app and try to use it to boost my own creativitiy too. I like the idea of having celebrity avatars.

    2. Your article about the Fashion game was very enlightening. Using this kind of app to play and create items and recreate – this is all fun, and for some, an important part of our lives.  We all like to occasionally give in to a fashion flash- now you can without having to hide it in the back fo the closet.  

      As our lives are changing all the time, and developing as we speak, so our wardrobe needs to change as well.  Often when we are busy, we don’t approach dressing in a light-hearted manner.  If you occasionally spent a bit of time thinking about it, like with a game, you might find some updated looks you didn’t know were there.  What have you found the most fun doing?  Fun find, thanks for the share 

      1. Thanks Sami.for stopping by, I’m glad I was able to pen down something that  interest you, fashion game is fun for both men men and female, it can also improve our sense of fashion.

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