Domestic Abuse or Violence is one the major problems a lot of women go through, in fact World Health Organization says, “Violence against women is a global public health problem of epidemic proportion, requiring urgent action,” That organization estimates that almost 30 percent “of all women who have been in a relationship have experienced physical and/or sexual violence” by their partner. Another report from UN also estimated that in one recent year, 137 women died each day around the world at the hands of their partner or another family member. Statistics has done so well by not keeping us in dark on this topic of DEMOSTIC ABUSE, but what can they do about the EMOTIONAL AND PHYSICAL pain that each of this victim have to suffer? Obviously nothing.

Are you a victim of domestic abuse?

Or do you know a friend who is?

Here are few things you need to know;

1. Domestic Violent is not your fault: Your abuser might try to make you feel is your fault, or you get what you deserved, don’t let it break you down remember each of us will render an account for himself to God and to government.

2. You are not alone: God cares deeply about you. He is your creator, so he understands your deepest thoughts and emotions. God invites you to speak to him through prayers. When you pray, ask him to give you the wisdom and strength you need to deal with your situation

3. Call for help: If you feel, you can’t cope alone any longer then speck up, why is this important? Remember there is accomplishment through many advisers, and also at that time you may be struggling to weigh factors that seem to compete with each other, such as:

. Your safety

. What will happen to your children

. Your Financial Situation

. Your love for Him and many more


All this can lead to you being confused and overwhelmed, so speaking with a trusted friend or family member. They will be willing to help and even provide you with practical and emotional support. Talking to someone who cares for you can really make a big difference.

At times, an abuser’s actions may be influenced by a personality disorder, his friends, his family background, or even misuse of alcohol. Even so, he is accountable to God and for humanity for the way he treats you. Some husbands tend to blame their wives for the abuse they inflicts on their wives, he is wrong. Wives deserve to be loved, not abused.

What do think;

Is it a topic of concern?

Should we seek for help?

What has help you?

I will be glad to hear your opinions and suggestions this Important Topic.




  1. If I could i would share this other video I came across about women abouse by their spouses. It just touched me greatly how you can get mistreated so bad and forgive just because he says he is sorry. It might happen so many a time that you will only realise how much damage he has done when it is too late. I hope people don’t live in their pain, its time to come out of that shell of too much care of what could happen to an abuser, everyone deserves to be treated right. Great article you shared here thank you.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, I’m glad I was able to help. a lot of people are dying in silence. So what do you think we can do to reduce Domestic violence?

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