Who is an Affiliate?

An affiliate is a person who in some way connected to another person or organization in order to promote product or services.

An Affiliates can also be a publisher, their purpose is to convince their audience of the value of the products they are promoting, in order for them to make profit.

Visitors can purchase products from the merchant’s website through an affiliate link, and they will get commision from that.

An Affiliate helps make sales through different platforms like;

Wealthy Affiliate



Click Bank


Shopping .com, and many more.

These platform takes the order, collect the money and ship the product to their customer.

With over 500,000 affiliate Websites now participating,  most people see Wealthy affiliate program and  as being a resounding success over the past few years, this in turn attract many  into an affiliate programme.

Does Affiliate Programme Works?

Here are some  testimonies from facebook;

The Untold Secret Of Affiliate Marketing SuccessThe Untold Secret Of Affiliate Marketing Success

What is the Secret?

How are they doing it?  these people have one thing in common, What is that? Success. They have applied the untold  Secret behind  being a successful marketer as an affiliate.

Knowing the secret behind their success  can help you as an Affiliate marketer to earn extra income on the side of your main job. The number of people making a full time living with affiliate marketing is growing every year.

Is Affiliate Programme Scam?

I’m sure you might have heard that from  some people, this is because, they don’t  know or understand what Affiliate programme is all about.

Yes, there are some affiliate programs or networks that should not be trusted, but I’m going to show you list of  best affiliate programs, of which I’m working with one up till today, all with a proven track records with years of experience and thousands and thousands of affiliates working with them.

How Much does Amazon Pay Its Affiliates?

Amazon is a bit low  when it comes to commissions and they start at 4% but can go up to 8.5% depending on units sold. But the point is that, it is real.

Here is the current commission rate chart:

ClickBank is another trusted affiliate programme, here is their  commision chart;

clickbank offers that pay around 50 per sale

Wealthy Affiliate is another Affiliate Programme that can be trusted, unlike Amazon and other affiliate programme, they have  High Commision Rate.

As an affiliate, you get a commission off every dollar spent by your referral.

This is how it works:

  • Free trial: $0 = $0 commissions (obviously).
  • First month premium (at a discount): $19 = $8 commissions.
  • Monthly Premium: $47 = $22.50 commissions (recurring).
  • Yearly Premium: $359 = $175 commissions (recurring every year)


Choosing an affiliate programme depends on individual and their circumstance, but personally I will  prefer or advice anyone to join Wealthy Affiliate considering the high commission involved. This is obvious because the main aim of  becoming an affiliate is to make money with less stress within a reasonable short period.


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