Are You Tired Of Change?

Hey my beautiful people I’m here today to talk about fashion as usual, Fashion is something that cannot be over emphasis. I have this question that has been bordering me for some time now, the question is;

Are you tired of change?

But what kind of change are we even talking about?

What part of the world are you leaving?

Let’s take one after another, change is Constance thing they said, and as we grow we also come to that conclusion, at least we kept on changing from when you were a baby until now, but that is not the kind of change we are talking about.

The kind of change mentioned here is the one that most people are not too comfortable with it, and some decide to move from one country to another when it is in a particular season they don’t like.

What kind of change?

Do you stay in









Switzerland etc?

You will fully understand what I’m about to explain.

As a citizen or a resident of the above mentioned country you are familiar with having 4 seasons, and those are





In each of this season you must have a particular set of cloth that suite those season, for example you cannot wear winter boot or jacket for summer, you will agree with me that it will be very awkward to see someone with that or vise vice versa. So what does that mean for individual? That means you must make arrangement for change.

I was also wondering, what is the best time to shop for each season?

The best time to shop for each season is before the season, just as you will shop for your child school supply before the resumption of the school.

Advantage of shopping before the season

1. Good value: Do you buy winter cloth for example before the season it will give you opportunity to use it fully, but if you buy it at the time when snow if falling already you will use half the value of the product.

2. Be prepared: First cold day is usually very bad and terrible, so if that should happen and you are not prepared, the experience will not be a good one.

3. Best Price: Since there are not too many demands at that time, you will likely get a jacket of $150 at $50

4. You Derive joy: With this present pandemic, now is the best time to purchase anything winter, because you will not experience rush in the store.

5. Discount: Most stores tend to sell 40 to 50% discount on their old stock before the season arrive, for them to bring new products.

What do you think, does it worth it? I think it does, why not go out there now and grap your winter stuff nowwwwwww before things change.

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What to keep in mind when shopping

You need to know the quality of the material you are buying in mind, you will not want to buy a material that will be inching or a boot that is too tight, you will not get that satisfaction in your fashion. You also want to pay attention on not buying over-tight clothing.

How to dress classic or stylish during winter

You think we can actually dress classic in -20% or more? some people feel it is not possible, but I don’t agree with them, let’s see tips on how to look classic during winter.

  1. Gorgeous coat: winter coat is also nice if it is a little big, because the more big it is the more it stands out on your body
  2. coat with high quality material: this will keep you warm
  3. Buy two color coats, first one can be black while the other have to be light color, like caramel, beige, white or light pink.
  4. Layer in monochrome will keep you warm
  5. riding boots is also very good, when you wear riding boot it will make you look more chicky.
  6. Long dress with long sleeve.
  7. Over knee boot with heels or without heels.
  8. Turtle-neck, from cashmere.


Dont get tired of change, change has become part of us and if you are staying in part of the world that you don’t experience this change I’m talk about good for you enjoy, but if you are affected in this change, try to buy what you need before the season arrives.


10 Replies to “Are You Tired Of Change?”

  1. It is very funny to even hear that anyone would want to get tired of change as it has become a big part of our world today and it is very hard to change the fact that change can change. Likf we grow, change will also come. So it’s good that you can give us tips on what to do when the season is going to change and preshipping for the new season.

    1. I really appreciate Your contribution on this important topic, it might interest you that those that  migrate from different part of the world are not finding this change  easy at all,  It was my conversation with many of them that actually  motivate me to write this topic, thanks for stopping bye Jay, but i will like to know your opinion on buying before the season. What is your opinion on that?

  2. Its really nice to see people work on changing a art if them that needs to be better and that is where they know you are developing which speaks well of them. Talking about getting tired of change is really painful because it’s something that will keep happening to it’s best you get used to it. 

  3. Thank you so much for sharing a beautiful and insightful article with us. The prime element of this article is about Tired Of Change. It is truly impressive that you covered this subject so well in your post. I’ve learned a lot from reading your article and developed a lot of knowledge about it. I like the Advantage of shopping for the points mentioned in your article. Change is a part of our lives so we should never get tired of being changed.
    So I would say leaving the old and adjusting to the new means change which everyone should do.

    1. Thanks Asraful for your time, it is much appreciated, I’m glad I was able to help, but I was wondering if there is anything you are tired of? Can you please share?

  4. Change is in our daily life with us. You cannot avoid it but you can decide how you want to face the change. Every day we can cook a different set of dishes for entertaining ourselves. If you choose to take the same food every day, you will tire to live again. 

    You go to work every day doing the same thing. If you look around your working group and your working place, there are many things people not aware of that can make a loss to the company. Will you change yourself to be a boss and do the job that is profit to the company? You may not know, many successful people take up the job to do for the company. This kind of change can make your career better. Even the boss of your company is a dump, you can get a better offer with your next interview.

    The weather not change in some countries but fashion never stops you to make change. Every day wearing the same kind of clothing, your mood will down and people have no surprise on you. How to make life better? 

    I hope I have answer three of your questions. Enjoy your life with every positive change to make your success sooner.

  5. Yes, knowing how to shop and when to shop can not only save us money but it can also aid us finding just what we wanted. I can tell you from my first hand experience how important it’s to be prepared with proper clothing for winter. There are thing we can buy before season and the completely change our life during winter (or whatever season).

    1. Very true Ann, I like buying any supply ahead of time, it saves a lot of things, thanks for stopping  by and most confess, I appreciate  your opinion.

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