Hello everyone welcome to One Stop Shop.

Ever since I was younger I kept wondering why some products do not have alternative, they seem not to only posses autonomous but they also don’t get reviewed and as such we are left with no option but stuck to those products.

Minimize Consumer Risk

In view of the above mentioned I became curios and started thinking of a better way to provide solution to consumers like you and I and that is how Eunicebizz came about. It is a truly One Sto Shop where more information about different products are available to the public. furthermore, these products will also be available at affordable prices.

To Inform The Public

Eunicebizz will also provide reviews on lots of products so that the public can be informed before making their decision as per buying.


Founder of One Stop Shop

2 Replies to “ABOUT ME”

  1. Good morning myeunicebizz.com
    This is commendable and well detailed ,the information out is very useful and easy to relate with .thank you for this .I love every piece and the website is user friendly .
    Kindly note that the pictures are not coming up .
    Also the only review available is on fashion designing , is there a posibility of other products review coming up as that is ur goal in making alternative products available for the public?

    1. Thanks Ella for your comment, i’m working on other things, there is a new one coming soon, is called Intact care, thanks for your observation. I don’t know why pictures are not showing, i’ll look into that.

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