Fashion is something we all want to pay attention to because it is an important part of modern life,  but have you ever imagine playing a fashion game? What do I mean, We all know that fashion is about what we put on or use, it can be;

  • Dress
  • Shoes
  • Hair
  • Plause
  • Car
  • Electronics
  • Furniture and many more.

What is Fashion game?

Fashion game is when all the present and future fashionista gather together to explore a style in the fun way, have you play that game before? Maybe no.

Let show you how  you can actually find dress-up and makeover games of every flavour. This game covers different types of personal style of different countries and time periods, it also covers many special occasions and holidays. You’ll also find titles that will let you build your own fashion world.

This game is fun and is save for everyone, though for children under 10 years of age, their parent might want to play the game with them, not because it is bad, but just for safety purposes.

There are more than 150 ways to play, all for free. in fashion game, you can design your own dress to satisfy your taste.

This game can  help you improve your own personal style .  In some games, you have to immerse yourself in a whole fascinating story.

How To Start

  • Dress the character, starting with the hat, finishing with shoes.
  • Get stylish clothes from 7 famous fashion designers.
  • Choose jewelry for the hero, thereby increasing the rating of the boutique.
  • You have to hire employees to manage the boutique, all for free. Dress them with taste.
  • Play with your friends and invite them to look into your boutique.
  • Constant updates with the addition of new fashionable stuff.

Choose who to Dress

  1. Covert Fashion
  2. Kim Kardashian
  3. Girl Fashion
  4. Style Me Girl
  5. Supermodel Star
  6. Superstar Girl Fashion Award and many more.

More Tips

Do you know you can play Fashion Game online and offline, and also if you want people to examine your quality of fashion, you can join Fashion Games with level and judges.

Can You Try?

Now that you know there is a fashion game, are you ready to play? Is fun and educative, it help improve your fashion ideas, it is save for all, moreso it is free.

Try it out and keep yourself busy during and after the lockdown.




    What is summer Dress code?

    Summer is here again, but do you have cloth for the session? let’s talk a little about ladies code for summer, most ladies feel it is the best time to show up their body for the sake of summer. But is that what summer really mean?

    What is the appropriate dress for summer? Though dress code might be different from one country to another, still we all want to enjoy summer with some decent dress.

    What Does summer mean for Ladies?

    If you are from North America, after covering yourselves for almost 6 months, summer is the best time to enjoy that beautiful weather, to some ladies it is an opportunity for exposing their body, while some also dress casually but still decent. This sometimes present a challenge to employers.

    All employees are expected to comply with each company dress code, employees who report to work with inappropriate attire will be asked to leave work or to changed clothes, so ladies, save yourself that embarrassment and dress with appropriate summer code.

    What Is summer Code?

    According to Summer dress code policy here are some suggested code for summer;

    Appropriate summer dress

    • T-shirts (no graphics).
    • Polo Shirts.
    • Khakis.
    • Denim jeans.
    • Capri pants.
    • Company logo wear.
    • Dresses or skirts (knee-length).
    • Dressy sandals.
    • Casual shoes including clean athletic shoes.

    Inappropriate summer dress

    • Shorts.
    • Logo clothing (sport teams, cartoon characters, etc.) other than company logo.
    • Flip-flops.
    • Sleeveless tops, halter tops or tank tops.
    • Sweatpants.
    • Leggings.
    • Tight, revealing or otherwise inappropriate clothing.
    • Athletic wear.
    • Clothing that is ripped, frayed, stained or messy.

    Keep in mind that this are just guidelines. Dress code rules vary from company to another. Though most modern workplaces adhere to a fairly flexible business-casual dress code, there are some offices or industries that require a slightly more buttoned-up look. When in doubt, always refer to your company’s handbook or dress code policy.


    Ladies let’s join hand together and make our parents, husbands, children and country pround by wearing the proper summer dress code.



    Who is an Affiliate?

    An affiliate is a person who in some way connected to another person or organization in order to promote product or services.

    An Affiliates can also be a publisher, their purpose is to convince their audience of the value of the products they are promoting, in order for them to make profit.

    Visitors can purchase products from the merchant’s website through an affiliate link, and they will get commision from that.

    An Affiliate helps make sales through different platforms like;

    Wealthy Affiliate



    Click Bank


    Shopping .com, and many more.

    These platform takes the order, collect the money and ship the product to their customer.

    With over 500,000 affiliate Websites now participating,  most people see Wealthy affiliate program and  as being a resounding success over the past few years, this in turn attract many  into an affiliate programme.

    Does Affiliate Programme Works?

    Here are some  testimonies from facebook;

    The Untold Secret Of Affiliate Marketing SuccessThe Untold Secret Of Affiliate Marketing Success

    What is the Secret?

    How are they doing it?  these people have one thing in common, What is that? Success. They have applied the untold  Secret behind  being a successful marketer as an affiliate.

    Knowing the secret behind their success  can help you as an Affiliate marketer to earn extra income on the side of your main job. The number of people making a full time living with affiliate marketing is growing every year.

    Is Affiliate Programme Scam?

    I’m sure you might have heard that from  some people, this is because, they don’t  know or understand what Affiliate programme is all about.

    Yes, there are some affiliate programs or networks that should not be trusted, but I’m going to show you list of  best affiliate programs, of which I’m working with one up till today, all with a proven track records with years of experience and thousands and thousands of affiliates working with them.

    How Much does Amazon Pay Its Affiliates?

    Amazon is a bit low  when it comes to commissions and they start at 4% but can go up to 8.5% depending on units sold. But the point is that, it is real.

    Here is the current commission rate chart:

    ClickBank is another trusted affiliate programme, here is their  commision chart;

    clickbank offers that pay around 50 per sale

    Wealthy Affiliate is another Affiliate Programme that can be trusted, unlike Amazon and other affiliate programme, they have  High Commision Rate.

    As an affiliate, you get a commission off every dollar spent by your referral.

    This is how it works:

    • Free trial: $0 = $0 commissions (obviously).
    • First month premium (at a discount): $19 = $8 commissions.
    • Monthly Premium: $47 = $22.50 commissions (recurring).
    • Yearly Premium: $359 = $175 commissions (recurring every year)


    Choosing an affiliate programme depends on individual and their circumstance, but personally I will  prefer or advice anyone to join Wealthy Affiliate considering the high commission involved. This is obvious because the main aim of  becoming an affiliate is to make money with less stress within a reasonable short period.



    Healthy life is what we all desire, everyone want to be healthy weather they are young or getting old, this is because no one want to be sick, as illness can cause a lot of discomfort, pain and much expense. When you are sick, you will not only feel down, you will not be able to go to work or school, or look after your family. So how can you improve your health life?


    1. Maintain a Balance Diet: Over the past years, Obesity rate has climbed all over the world, most people try so much to keep losing weight but is always difficult. Good health is impossible without good nutrition, and for good nutrition you need a healthy and balanced diet.

    2. Stay Physically Active: Many people today do not exercise enough, irrespective of your age, staying physically fit can actually improve your healthy, it can help you sleep well, maintain strong bones, it can lower the risk of depression and even premature death.

    3.Communicate with people: speaking with your loved ones can actually improve your health, it was discovered at Uniformed Service University that, people with social extensive network are likely to leave without the risk of heart diseases. Having cheerful friends can improve your health.

    4.Getting clean water: To family in some country is like a regular tradition, still unsafe water is one of the main causes of diarrhea. Another deadly dieseas that is caused by unclean water is Cholera, we can avoid all this just by drinking clean water.


    As the saying goes ”Health is Wealth” so it is important we take care of our health in order to live relatively long and healthy life.


    Pet is commonly seen in most homes, to some people, pet is just like one of their babies in the house, just like our children pet also need training, if not, they will be one of those wild animals. Think about those loving and caring pet, How do you feel when going to work, and you leave them behind, very sad right? what about when going on vacation? painful, I totally agree. Because of that, most people sacrifice their vacation for the love of pet, they don’t want to leave their pet behind.


    The love of pet can be seen everywhere, that even now, most hotels accept pet, wow good news! that means you don’t have to deprive yourself the joy of vacation, even if you decide to leave your pet at day care, you will at one point feel that space of your pet not being with you. So is actually a good idea to go on vacation with your pet.

    If you are planning on vacation during this summer and you have a pet, do visit BringFido site, it is the world’s leading pet travel site and lifestyle brand, there, you can discover over 250,000 pet friendly places to stay, play, and eat with your pet. Their directory includes the best pet friendly hotels, vacation rentals, outdoor restaurants, dog parks, and much more.


    Here is one of the latest Hotel in Town, that accepts pet. From Toronto Pearson Airport.

    Element Toronto Airport, a 144-room hotel from Marriot hotels, opened Wednesday and it’s walking distance from Pearson’s Terminal 3.

    element toronto airport

    Element is a new hotel situated within walking distance from Pearson Airport’s Terminal 3.

    Branded as an “eco-conscious” building, Element has water filtration systems in every “outdoor-inspired” suite, shareable bikes for guests to borrow and electric car charging stations.

    It’s a dual-branded hotel and actually shares one building with the Four Points by Sheraton Toronto Hotel, which is also by Marriott.

    The hotel itself is owned by Easton’s Group of Hotels, which has already built nine other Marriott branded hotels.

    element toronto airport

    A convenience store is available to hotel guests shop for snacks.

    Worldwide, Element has over 60 hotels in North America, and less than 10 internationally. Aside from this one in Mississauga, there’also an Element located in Vaughan.

    According to the hotel website, the suites are bigger than your average hotel room, and each one comes with a kitchen equipped with a stove top and a dishwasher, a living room, and work space.

    element toronto airport

    Suites are described as larger than most hotel rooms, with fully-equipped kitchens and in-suite water filtration.

    Suites also boast over-sized closets, high-speed WiFi and Smart TVs.

    Guests will have access to an indoor pool, 24-hour gym, and a patio with barbecue grills.

    element toronto airport

    Every hotel suite has an office area.

    Element is also pet-friendly if you’re traveling with your pooch.

    Rates currently run from $135 to more than $235 per night, though there is a special rate for community caregivers which includes first-responders, and healthcare workers.


    So guys Pet friendly Hotels are the best, check them out and enjoy your vacation with your pets.




    Hi guys I’m very glad to write about this website, I used almost all my life to study about this site, it is called JW.ORG. Maybe you have visited it before, or you just had about it, and even if this is your first time of hearing it, PLEASE I urge you to visit it. Most site today are made just for adult,site like;

    1. 100% Nude Adult chart site.

    2. Porn site.

    3. Tube Adult Movies.

    4. Tube Galory.

    5. Aloha Tube.

    Just to mention few, and we also have kids site, such like;

    1. Online Children Learning Games

    2. Fun an Free Education Website

    3. National Geography Kids

    4. CBC kids

    5. Scholastic Canada Kids

    6. PBS Kids site.

    7. ABC ya

    And many more, this kids site can be boring for adult and also vise visa for kids if visiting adults site. But the good thing about JW.ORG site is that, it is beneficial to both adult and kids, once you log in to the site, the first thing you see if is this week, is Online Bible Lesson and this theme is changed weekly to other subject that benefit everyone, if you are familiar with bible, you will know that any lesson that comes from Bible is usually beneficial for all. Then the next thing you see is;


    1. How to Succeed at Distance Learning

    2. What Does the Bible Say About Anger?

    3. What Does the Bible Say About Racism?


    1. Music

    2. Videos

    3. News

    4. Articles.

    Anything you see under here are usually latest.

    You are also given an opportunity to choose a topic that interest you, since the are variety of them, they are usually topics that has to do with our day to day life, it is also encouraging to know that these topics are available in many languages. If you click on the site language list on this page, you will see a list of over 300 languages—something that you are unlikely to find on any other website, you can fine topics like;

    1. Peace and Happiness

    2. Help For Teenagers

    3. Activity for Children.

    4. History and the Bible.

    5. Marriage and Family.

    6. Bible Question Answer.

    7. Science and the Bible.

    8. Frequently asked Questions

    And many more. There is this particular video that interest me, is titled;

    Body Image

    Does God Answer All Prayers


    As I mentioned earlier, I’m one among millions that have benefited from this site, it has help me with my marriage and my children have also benefited a lot from this wonderful website. So guys try it out and benefit maximally from this God sent website JW.ORG


    One love



    I came across something very interesting on YouTube, it might be familiar to you, or maybe you are just hearing it for the first time, he has a car brand named after him. He was a scientist and visionary who developed the basis for AC power and pioneered numerous technologies, lately the name become so popular that most of the YouTubers are talking about him again, the name is Nikola Tesla, Tesla believed he has the key to the universe, so he said “If you only know the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe”.

    This is how he calculates it;

    Nikola TeslaNikola Tesla

    Please don’t ask me how is the number calculated because he says the numbers present a mystery of an unexplained pattern in the universe. It is alleged that the great Nikola Tesla did everything in (3) threes. Nikola Tesla had calculated nodal points around the planet, and they were probably linked to the numbers three, six and nine and Tesla claimed that these numbers were extremely important.

    Tesla was obsessed with numbers 3, 6 and 9 that most people called it a mind blowing secret. He understood a fundamental fact that is unknown to many, which is the universal language of mathematics.

    So many people try it up, and claim it was working for them, they suggested that with manifestation you need two things;

    1. Pen

    2. Paper

    It is believed that, if you manifest something continuously, that particular thing can become reality. So he gave an example. You are looking for a well-paid job, and you manifest it in a good way, seeing yourself already working and earning good income, riding one of the best cars, living in the house of your dream. Once you establish that, you write it down on a paper 3 times, repeat same during lunch, but this time, 6 times and also before bed time 9 times. It is commonly believed that at night while sleeping, our brain works toward what we listen to last before bed, so, doing so over and over again helps you build your thought, it was suggested to be repeated for 30 days. After then, all your manifestation becomes reality.

    Have you manifest before?

    Did it work for you?

    Please share your experience on manifestation.




    We all have different interest in life, lately I realize that most women are interested in making money online, I guess this is because it will give them enough time for their family. Just imagine a working wife with kids like me, you have to wake up in the morning, prepare lunch for every member of the family, rush to work to resume 7:30 in the morning and close by 4:30pm, and rush back home to prepare dinner. This is how it goes Monday through Friday. I bet you, this is the life of most working wives. So, as a result of this, most women choose online business as their interest.

    Due to this pandemic most people try to deviate a little from their original interest, they start wondering about;

    1. Their hair

    2. Their health

    3. Belly fat

    4. Return to work

    5. How will live go back to normal

    and the list goes on and on.

    My best friend called me recently and said “I want to join online business” I’m like what, from teacher to online business? She was determined, so she started it gradually, now, all her friends and family members are into online business.

    Why is she succeeding?

    Interest I guess?


    Let me tell you guys a little about Interest in my family. We are family of four, with four different interest. My husband like soccer, he can even trade his food for soccer, funny right? I feel so too. I for my part like fashion, I can do anything for fashion, I have been in it for more than 15 years now. My first daughter like cartoon, hmmmmm, if care is not taking she can be there for the rest of the day, what about my little girl? Her interest is in pet. Maybe same in your family, in fact most twins have different interest, you see different people with different interest.

    What come’s to your mine?

    Let me guess, maybe you are thinking of what interest you? Awwwwww, go for it, it’s your right.


    There is something that interest almost everyone now, what is that?


    Face mask is one of the most essential thing in todays world, Before now it was a normal thing for us to go out, dress nice and wear beautiful and cool make over, but every thing is not same ever since this painful enemy comes in, called covid 19. This name is very popular all over the world, that even kids are familiar with it. I came across an advert on Facebook, were a little girl was washing her hands and her father ask her, “Why have you been washing your hands for so long?” She replies, daddy I don’t want to have corona virus or covid 19, that video caught attention of so many, that she became famous in most part of the world. I personally love the video because it was in my mother’s tongue.


    Is there any positive thing that you can say covid 19 brought? Though covid 19 brought so many pains to us, I thing many people have also mentioned what they have achieved during this period.

    1. One of the thing people mention is that, now the have enough money in the account, because due the pandemic they are indoors, that means fewer expenses.

    2. This pandemic has help a lot of people to discover their talent.

    We now have;

    Home made face mask.

    Wive barbers.

    Most children are now helpful at home.

    Home Pedicures

    Home made snacks, just to mention few.

    Ask yourself, what are my talent? Now is the right time to discover them, I so much belief we all have talent.

    Talking about face mask, most fashion companies now switch to making of face mask and hospital coats. Even people with less experience learn how to make mask on YouTube.


    Looking at our todays world, I will say face mask can save life, please let’s obey the law, let show some love to humanity, lets show love to our selves by wearing face mask.

    Do you think it worth wearing a mask?

    Can you share your talent that you discover during this period?

    Thanks for reading to the end


    Fashion is like food to me, this is what I do from my childhood, till now, I love playing around fabric and to turn it to wonderful designs, your fortunate you might say, right. You are right I love what I’m doing, making cloths for all ages If you are close to me, you will know that I low fashion.

    This is very good for period, you don’t want to wear something to tight on your skin. Let enjoy this summer with this petite dress for adult or children.


    How about having a colorful pillows on your couch

    make your orders, I will be glad to give discount.

    Thanks so much friends for your orders. I do this for the love of fashion.


    African men suits, popularly known as Jonathan. Here as some samples

    .This were my last orders, Please guys orders now so that you can get it with the next batch